Was slavery a necessary evil

Everything thenceforth must Was slavery a necessary evil estimated as good or bad, according as it does or does not agree with the teaching of the Book. Freedom of speech, freedom of privacy, choice, prayer, everything had a new meaning. History, and how it flows together is a truly amazing thing, when it is actually looked at, we see many things wrong and right.

Without slaves mass production would not have been a possible idea, therefore our economy would not thrive as well as it has. How did Southern Representatives work to protect slavery?

One thing which may be said of the various sacred books of the world is, that just as soon and just so far as a people have come to regard any book as sacred, they have begun to be blind to its faults, to take it as an ultimatum, and to be unwilling to seek for, or even to receive, anything as by any possibility better than it.

The people of the southern United States truly believed things would fall apart, it was meant to be this way, slaves, aristocrats, rights for some, not for others. But the fact that the sacred book sanctioned slavery blinded many eyes.

It is as much the order of nature that men should enslave each other as that animals should prey upon each other. Slave-owners might think the charge absurd, and as long as Abolition sentiment was confined to a few fanatics they could ignore it with contempt.

He is going to say slaves are happy to work the fields. Opponents changed their opinions or held their tongues.

Why did the defense of slavery change? The Abolitionist argument could be adequately met only by proving that slavery was a positive good, an institution that harmonized with the nature of things, a social arrangement which was a blessing to society and a benefit to the slave.

There are always negative effects of having a labor force, like illegal immigrants, that will work cheaply. There will be things we realize later were not the smartest choice, but we learned, and that is what is important in continuing on. How much does a human cost today?

Amsco School Publications Inc. Sectionalism Thus, the beginning of slavery was obvious, seen as reasonable, better, quicker, and less expensive, although inhuman, it was the way to go.

No matter what most say, many pay taxes, and they have a great buying power. In spite of the vigor of the movement and the depth of its root in Southern tradition, it withered away to almost nothing in a very brief period during the middle thirties.

Choruses were lifted in rapturous praise of the very institutions that had been so recently the objects of attack-and the choruses were joined by many of the former critics. The exclusive owners of property ever have been, ever will, and perhaps ever ought to be the virtual rulers of mankind.

They will want their own farm. By there was not one antislavery society remaining in the whole South. Latinos are willing to work for very little, and will do a lot.

With more than twenty slaves in their ownership, planters attachment to this peculiar institution was financially strong. However, it is necessary when starting anew, to have had a past, which is being changed.

Best of both worlds. Why, they are so happy they even sing songs while they work! The culture of owning a slave was too engrained into their society. Economically, a better system for the plantation owners were the ones that formed after the civil war.

Slavery As A Necessary Evil Essay Sample

The capitalists, according to Mr. This is a question which needs answering if one is to truly understand what drove the South to Civil War. Many issues lead astray, many ideas turned bad, but no matter what, it is a pattern that making mistakes is necessary for moving ahead and growing.

For in the south, owning a slave was a sign of prominence and wealth. These cheap wage laborers will still be taken advantage of and socially looked down upon, but they will still have some sense of freedom.

Increased reliance on cottyon as an export crop. And even though you can breed the, you have to wait a while before their children can actually work clothe, feed, and shelter that child until that time.

Appalled by any notion of slavery as being necessary, most people do not see the evidence showing why it was necessary for our country and its growth.Feb 15,  · When slavery was most common in the south it was considered a necessary evil. The large plantation owners said that without slaves they wouldn’t be able to harvest the most important cash crop the US had, cotton.

At that time only 25% of the white population owned at least one slave. The majority of that 25% owned less than five. “Was Slavery a Necessary Evil?” km Slavery wasn’t a necessary evil, proven by the fact that quality of life for African Americans and poor whites improved after the Civil War.

Slavery As A Necessary Evil Essay Sample. It is inevitable that with the mention of slavery emotions will be aroused within whoever is present. Today most people look at slavery as one of the biggest mistakes our country has ever made. Before - The South defended slavery as a necessary evil.

They argued that the emergence of cotton as the most important cash crop. Essay on Slavery in America: From Necessary to Evil Words | 5 Pages colonial period slavery continued to expand across the south, yet northerners, especially New Englanders, never adopted slavery like to their southern neighbors.

It could be said, and was said, that the wretched condition of factory laborers in New England and old England cotton-mills was a necessary evil.

But it was a different matter when people began to denounce slavery as an unnecessary evil, as .

Was slavery a necessary evil
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