Police brutality a minority group concern essay

The misconduct of police officers, such as, physical abuse, unlawful shootings, and verbal assault must end. The main targets of police brutality are two third African American or Latino and the majority of the time the officer is white.

There is a violation of the fourth amendment when innocent people become victims of police brutality. This tracking system will prevent terminated problem officers from being assigned to a new position at another precinct.

Also, a tracking system should be implemented in conjunction with the background check. Public opinion and media The coverage of such incidents by mass media has been studied by researchers, some of whom have concluded that the press has often distorted and helped justify questionable uses of force.

Humans have their freedom to express their rights and police brutality violates their human rights. On April 4,Walter L. I recently listened to a thoughtful big city police chief express his frustration with that lack of reliable data.

Complaints and allegations of any kind of misconduct should be considered when choosing new trainers. However, FiveThirtyEight, among other journalism outlets, has examined the potential problems with these figures. Nevertheless, there are a few positive sides to profiling.

Essay on Police Brutality

That statistic is taken from data collected for the years Officer injuries varied little from tobut they are still only about half as common as suspect injuries. Grabbing was, by a vast margin, the most used weaponless tactic The media tends to portray the idea that the police officers are abusing their power.

They are assumed to be either drug dealers or a criminal. The Environment Have the police become the criminals, or have the people become the little boys crying wolf? Hickman of Seattle University, Alex R.

A background check should be conducted to ensure that the police departments do not hire potentially violent police officers. Racial profiling is considered to be a profile used by police officers to identify suspicious criminal or violators of the law.

The report finds that: Internal affair departments are the most responsible for handling the problem of police misconduct. Police departments should be required to submit relevant information to a tracking office when an officer is fired for human rights abuses or when a police officer quits before a decision is made regarding the officers misconduct.

There are countless reasons why police brutality should be stopped as quickly as possible. The solution to problem of police brutality must begin with the officers themselves.

However, with the right solutions intact this situation can be resolved. Racial profiling mainly targets young Black and Latino men and is believed to be a justified form of law enforcement. A typical profile used is the CARD system.

Citing the results of a study sponsored by the United States Department of Justice based on the statistics from more than seven thousand arrests made by six different law enforcement agencies in urban settings wherein statistics had been collected concerning the use of force by and against police officers, Elicker reports that, "There were only 52 cases or.

In this regard, Elicker concludes that, "To some, these statistics could be shocking. Several allegations of police officers using excessive force are increasingly generating headlines all over the media.

However, Oklahoma, the District of Columbia, Nevada and Oregon are all tied for the rate at which people are killed. Cost of the revision of training is small because it just requires new training methods.

These solutions should be very effective because it filters out many potential problem officers. Embedded within each of these potential explanations is the influence of key sociodemographic variables such as race, class, gender, and age.

The presence of the warrant keeps from unlawful police searches and abuse to occur.Excessive or reasonable force by police? Research on law enforcement and racial conflict (Unsplash/public domain) than a decade’s worth of peer-reviewed studies and found that while many studies established a correlation between.

Oct 31,  · View and download police brutality essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your police brutality essay. An ongoing concern in the United States and even around the world today is the issue of police brutality.

Several allegations of police officers using excessive force are increasingly generating headlines all over the media. Police Use of Excessive Force in Minority Communities: A Test of the Minority Threat, Place, and Community Accountability Hypotheses Brad W.

Smith, Wayne State University Malcolm D. Holmes, University of Wyoming We extend existing research on police use of coercive mechanisms of social control against racial/ethnic minority. Effect of Police Brutality on Ethnic Minority Victims, Famil. Report abuse. Transcript of Effect of Police Brutality on Ethnic Minority Victims, Famil.

Effect of Police Brutality on Ethnic Minority Victims, Family, and Community In some cases, police brutality is a must if one feels he or she is in danger, or if another person is also.

Police Brutality Essays (Examples)

"Relations between the police and minority groups are a continuing problem in many multiracial societies. Surveys consistently document racial differences in perceptions of the police, with minorities more likely than whites to harbor negative views." (Weitzer and Tuch, Race and Perceptions of.

Police brutality a minority group concern essay
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